Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Napoleon Bone n' Fart

Traditionally, the Pope accepts and crowns emperors and kings. But Napoleon gave the Pope permission to even attend his coronation. Here, we see a painting of Napoleon taking the crown from the Pope, symbolically turning his back to the Church, and crowning his beloved Josephine.
He didn't actually crown her, but put the crown on his own head.
It's a pretty bad ass move.


TuloBroChill said...

"Claims he seized the crown out of the hands of Pope Pius VII during the ceremony—to avoid his subjugation to the authority of the pontiff—are apocryphal; the coronation procedure had been agreed in advance."

Wikipedia is calling you out

History Books said...

wikipedia is agreeing with me, idiot. he seized the crown out of the hands of the pope. they talked about it beforehand. everyone was surprised except for the pope.