Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FAKE OUT 2009!!

Today, two different tangents crossed paths and made my mind go crazy in what became one of the greatest Zack Melton Bamboozles of his history life.

I have been trying to get my hands on The Ecology of Power by Michael Heckenberger. I went to the library to order through ILL. But I forgot what the title was, so I got on the internet to look it up.

Last night, I spent some time with my good friends Nate and Tiffany Woodard. Nate told me a really long story about getting verbally assaulted by a Marion cop, and when he finished, he went further to tell me all about Nikola Tesla. Now, I have to admit I didn't know anything about this guy except that maybe I remembered that weird electricity room scene in The Prestige. Needless to say I was captivated.

So as I am looking for Michael Heckenberger's book, I find an article the combines Tesla and Heckenberger. I was thinking this was some awesome Cat's Cradle shit coming to life. I scanned the article and saw something about Tesla's grid and Heckenberger's discovery in the Amazon (Lost city of Z), as well as Stonehenge other cradles of humanity.

I went ape shit. I was on the verge of unearthing one of the craziest and most important discoveries. This one writer, Doug Yuchey, pointed it out and I would take it from there. I would connect the dots and be heralded as a hero.

I got my Tesla book and marched out of there to hurry through a few errands so I could get down to business. When I arrived at my favorite WiFi hotspot, I got everything ready for a mind-blowing discovery. I went back to the website. But this time I slowed down and looked at the other articles this guy had published. UFO's. Atlantis. The dude is a crackpot. Here's what he was really saying. Tesla had a theory that 9 magnetic towers could be erected across the earth that could create wireless electricity. Doug Yuchey said it was very similar with these ancient civilizations. They had all been constructed similarly. Sweet. But instead of conducting electricity they were supposed to have opened up a utopic harmony that would allow the gods to dance around and move among us.

My hopes crushed, Tesla rolling in his grave, and my afternoon wasted, I decided to share here on History Books the joys and disappointments of being a passionate history lover. Sometimes she is beautiful and gentle and maybe can put her legs behind her head. Other times she can be mean and resentful and laugh at the size of your . . .intelligence.

Here's to you, history. Time makes fools of us all!

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And maybe can put her legs behind her head. Wow.