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A Battle of Testimonies: The Not So Innocent Building Seven

In this installment of History Books, we will once again be looking at Building 7 on the day of September 11, 2001. The focus is on the testimonies of two men: Michael Hess and Barry Jennings.

That morning, at 11:57 AM, Michael Hess was interviewed on UPN Channel 9 News. This interview took place on Broadway, about a block from City Hall. This was about six or seven blocks away from where Building 7 had once stood, where Michael Hess was rescued. The time and location of this interview is extremely important, so keep them in mind: Seven blocks away, 11:57 AM.

In his interview, Hess told the reporter about how he and another man had been trapped in Building 7. He spoke of how they ran downstairs to about the sixth floor when an explosion occurred that drove he and his companion back up to the eighth floor. Hess said that they were trapped for about an hour and a half before they were rescued by firefighters. No actual time line was given for the events that occurred. And as much as I had speculation, we can't do much more than that. He gave an interview at 11:57 about seven blocks away. Let's say it took about ten minutes to get rescued: out of the building, checked for wounds or cuts, etc. And let's say that it takes him about 10-15 minutes to walk the several blocks from Building 7 to Broadway where the interview was. That takes to about 11:32-11:37. Now, if Hess's account is accurate, if he was really trapped for an hour and a half, the explosion could have occurred no later than 10:00 AM. Of course, there is some slack in these estimations. But I'd say that's pretty close.

Rudy Giuliani wrote a book about his experience in the 9/11 catastrophe. He and Michael Hess were long time buddies, working in the same law firm together. In his book, he calls his friend affectionately, "Mike." Giuliani tells about Mike's experience in Building 7. Yet, he gives an interesting explanation. Giuliani claimed that the explosion that Hess experienced was really the North Tower collapsing and causing damage to Building 7 (just like the official story!).

However, the time line of these events do not add up. The North Tower collapsed at 10:29. If Hess's "hour and a half" is true, he would not have been rescued until 12:00 PM at the earliest, three minutes after he gave his interview several blocks away.

Maybe it was a timing issue? But even NIST absurdly claimed that the rescue of Michael Hess happened between 12:00-12:10 PM.

This all revolves around the explosion that he experienced. If you move to the time lines, you get an explanation for the explosion: the North Tower collapse. But the time lines do not make sense logically with Hess's interview at 11:57 AM.

Now, Michael Hess was not alone during his time in Building 7. Barry Jennings, a fellow Emergency Management worker, was with him the entire way. Jennings gave a testimony to Dylan Avery who produced the controversial film, Loose Change. Even before the release of the film, floating around on the Internet was Barry Jennings's partial testimony. He told Avery that he and Hess ran to the 6th floor, but an explosion blew them back. They were trapped on the 8th floor. So far, it matches with Hess's story. Jennings, though, gave a much lengthier amount of time during which they were trapped. He several hours. So we can deduce that, given Hess's and Jennings's testimonies, they were trapped between an hour and a half and three hours. A long time, I'd say!

Jennings, though, distinctly recalls getting the attention of firefighters on the ground. They headed toward him, but then turned and ran. A while later, they came back for Jennings. Again, they turned and ran. These two attempts and retreats aligned with the two collapses. Finally, the firefighters got to Hess and Jennings and led them to safety.

Here is the testimony of Barry Jennings:

To add on to the intense weight of this eyewitness testimony, Barry Jennings claimed that when the firefighters rescued him, they brought him through the lobby. Jennings didn't recognize it because it was so badly damaged. The fireman told Jennings to not look down because they were stepping over bodies.

Three major threats to the official account arise out of the testimony of Barry Jennings:
1. The explosion. According to Jennings's time line, the explosion occurred way before either building collapsed. Hess, although he later changes his story to fit Giuliani's account, originally backed up this explosion with his interview on UPN 9 News. The official story discounts any use of explosions.

2. If the collapse of the North Tower is what caused the damage to Building 7, how in the world could falling debris have destroyed the lobby to be unrecognizable? At this point, Building 7 was still standing, even though parts of it were burning. It doesn't make sense.

3. The official report said that nobody died in Building 7. Where did those bodies come from? Did Barry Jennings make that up?

At least one person died because of Building 7. After the BBC aired two different documentaries on WTC 7 (the first of which completely omitted Jennings and the second one distorting his testimony to fit the official time line), Jennings mysteriously died at the age of 53. Just two days before the NIST Final Version was released on August 21, 2008.

The reports said that Jennings died in a hospital of complications. Dylan Avery, the producer of Loose Change, hired a well known private investigator to determine the details of Mr. Jennings' death. After a week or two, the PI sent a message to Avery saying that due to the nature of the case, she would not be able to continue. And she refunded Avery's money.

I read this last part while relieving myself on the toilet, and I couldn't help but to tear up. Barry Jennings, a man who was brave enough to tell the world what really happened on September 11, is now dead. Do I think he was murdered? How could you not?

So, this post is dedicated to the memory of Barry Jennings. I know that it is not much. But if I can tell a small group of people around me about the things that he saw, about the truth behind the attacks on 9/11, maybe someone can be brought to justice. Maybe, just maybe, we can rally together and demand that better and clearer explanations be given to us. I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to keep you from dying in vain, Barry. But I am going to try my best to do something about it.

Rest in peace.

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