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Convicing Coincidences and Other Odd Occurences

I totally intended to continue my line of thought and post another entry or two about Hurricane Katrina, Michael Eric Dickson, and Paul Harris's book, but I saw something this week that I had to put up on History Books. Yes, it is about 9/11. Yes, it is a conspiracy theory. That is the extent of what I will say. I am going to post the information, and you take it as you will: conspiracy or coincidence.

Many deaths have taken place to key witnesses and people tied to the 9/11 truth movement that could have turned the tide in the investigations for 9/11. Here are a few.

Barry Jennings

I talked a lot about Barry Jennings in a previous post. His death is mysterious, probably the strangest out of these series. Two days before the NIST report, Jennings was found dead. The cause is unknown.

Beverly Eckert

Mrs. Eckert was an inspiration to say the least. Her husband died in the attacks on 9/11. Since then, she worked extremely hard to bring the families of victims together. It was this group of families that pushed the Bush administration to go through with the investigation and create the 9/11 Commission. She was offered money by the government to just hush up, but she refused and went on to sue the government. When the Report came out, she was also one of the many who were dissatisfied and who demanded an unbiased investigation. She was killed in a plane crash in Buffalo, just after meeting President Obama.

Kenny Johannemann

Kenny Johannemann was a Twin Towers janitor. Not only did he rescue a man from the wreckage but he also supported the account of explosions occurring. His family says that 9/11 changed him. He took to drinking and depression and eventually shot himself in 2008.

Madame Jeane Palfrey

Madame DC is the toughest one to tie in. She was mixed up in a lot of crazy shit before 9/11. Known for her ring of prostitution, Palfrey was in the news quite a bit and even spent some time in prison. She said that she'd rather die than go back there. Before she passed, though, she was interviewed on the Alex Jones show and said that she would never kill herself and she thought that she might be in danger. The rumors were that through her girls, she had acquired some classified information on 9/11. It's tough to tell, though. She was facing a pretty hefty prison sentence for other charges.

Michael H. Doran

Michael Doran was an attorney who fought for the victims of 9/11 and got them and the families of victims compensation. He was piloting a small plane near Cleveland when it went down, resulting in his death.

Christopher Landis

Former Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol at the Virginia Department of Transportation. Landis gave some photographs of the Pentagon to some filmmakers. Apparently, these photos not only showed the crash site but also government officials covering it up. One week after the makers of "PentaCon" obtained his testimony on film, Landis committed suicide.

Bertha Champagne

Bertha was the baby-sitter of the younger Bush brother, Marvin, who, if you remember from my earlier posts, was the head of Securacom, the company that ran security for the entire WTC complex. She was 62-years-old when she was found in the Bush's driveway, run over by her own vehicle.

Paul Smith and John del Giorno

Smith was the pilot, del Giorno was the cameraman. These two were the first to witness the second plane slamming into the tower. Smith died a year or so ago by a cab that had been run off the road by a mysterious black car. Del Giorno refuses to speak about what he saw the morning of 9/11.

Major General David Wherley

General Wherley was one of the brave souls who first responded to the terrorist attacks by scrambling fighter jets in to the sky. Even though the airliners still crashed into the towers, Wherley tried his best to take care of the situation. He died in what was the worst DC metro crash in history in 2009.

Salvatore Princiotta

A first responder. A hero. A fire fighter. He moved to Arizona to help treat his lung condition that he got from breathing in so much filth at Ground Zero. He was murdered in 2007. The number one suspect in the murder case was Jeffery Bigham, who later shot himself.

David Graham

David Graham claimed that he spotted two of the alleged 9/11 terrorists the morning of the attacks. He took his information to the FBI who told him to shut up and go away. Graham began writing a book about his experience and the responses he got from the FBI. He was poisoned last year.

Now, I am the first to admit that some of these are shaky at best. The hooker, the baby-sitter, and the general all could be coincidences or freak accidents. But the dentist, the operations manager, and Barry Jennings eerily bring to mind Hollywood stories of spies and murder and deceit. I am about 25 pages away from finishing David Ray Griffin's The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7 and I have some interesting things to talk about on my next post.

Before I go, I'll leave you with this. NIST admitted that it fabricated its computer simulations to fit their hypotheses of how WTC 7 collapsed. Admitted that they lied. Did you know this? Our government lied to us. That may not come as quite a shock to some. But it should rattle you. They went to great lengths to cover up what they did. NIST is the tip of the iceberg. Could they go as far as to commit murder? Here you have eleven maybes.

If you live in New York or know anyone who lives in New York, send them here:

Sign the petition to reopen the investigation with an unbiased commission.

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