Saturday, September 11, 2010

Politically Charged and Aggressive Jab at Both Wings

Instead of writing about 9/11 on this somber anniversary, I want to poke some folks in the ribs. Although, the three people who actually read this probably agree with me, but, believe me, somewhere somebody is feeling like a complete dingus.

Remember a year and a half ago when a lot of my moderate to liberal friends thought that Obama was going to save the world from evil? (Or at least that he'd win a beauty contest with John McCain).

And remember just after the elections when my conservative Christian friends claimed that Barack Obama would usher in the apocalypse?

And after a year and a half, it seems that this president is leaving EVERYONE disappointed.

The world is still full of all kinds of evil, but not enough evil to necessitate the second coming of Christ.

His approval rating has dropped significantly and the economy is still a mess. After 18 months? What an amateur!

But allow me to point something out. Nearly two years ago, during the primaries, I read Obama's exit strategy for Iraq. Eighteen months. He admitted it would be messy and insufficient. But we'd get out. Just about 19-20 months after he'd been in office. . . SHAZAM!

Now, I know. Let's not lose our heads. The government lies to us and it's only the "formal" ending, so our troops will still be over there. Whatever, nutballs. Our president told us that he would do something in the primaries and he has done it. Granted, he pulled the wool over my eyes and put everybody over in Afghanistan. But it's a start, right? Let's give him some credit!

The economy may or may not right itself. It isn't his fault. He's trying what he thinks will fix it. So today, on September 11, 2010, nine years after the towers crumbled, I finally feel comfortable enough to tip my hat to my president and say, "Not bad."

We still have a lot of work to do. I know that a lot of these things will not get resolved during his time in office. But a small start is still a start.

So, you extreme wingers, take a chill pill. One side demands perfection. The other side prays for destruction. And if Obama ends his four years without much to show for it, I think we can be happy with that. Bush has a lot to show for his time in office, and we all remember what pleasant times those were.

And remember, today is the nine year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, so remember those whose lives were taken, whose lives were given, and whose lives were lost in the attacks and in the following two wars that could have been avoided. And if you truly are interested, maybe you could browse through here and get a little more informed.

Burnin' Korans like it's 1099,

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