Monday, August 24, 2015

The Last Day on Earth

Hello, history fans. We have some grave news here at History Books. Starting today, this blog will become more of a personal account as I venture to Iceland and study Vikings! Oh, sure we will be updating things as we go, maybe post a couple papers here and there. But it will be much too exhausting to tell each and every loved one (and not so-loved one) what life is like in Iceland!
So, here we go:

I fly out tomorrow morning with everything that I own, except my records and books which have been graciously stored at different family members houses. Please take care of my babies!
I have quite a layover in Toronto so don't be surprised if I update this again because I'll be bored out of my mind!

Here is where I will be staying:
Not quite Hogwarts but it will do

For those of you thinking about mailing me sweets and encouragement notes and suggestive photos, the address is:

Salvation Army Guesthouse
Kirkjustraeti 2
Reykjavik 101

I'll double check when I arrive to see if I need a room number or PO Box attached.

Tonight I say goodbye to my folks, my sister and my brother-in-law Erik. It won't be easy! I got pretty teary eyed saying goodbye to Annie and Benji yesterday. And I won't even tell you how much Pat cried!

Anyway, check back for regular updates. I'll be posting on here and trying to stay in touch on Facebook. I'll have the Internet at the guesthouse, so hopefully I'll be able to stream some Colts games!
Goodbye, United States! I'll miss you terribly!
-Z. Melton

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Courtney Gipson said...

Those aren't even real words in your address.