Thursday, August 27, 2015

With the Spaniards in Iceland

Greetings from Reykjavik!

It has been a wild few days. I left Indianapolis around 6:00am after a teary goodbye to my parents. I landed in Toronto after a quick flight where I spent the next 12 hours wandering around the airport, eating Wendy's behind the Saudi Arabia airline counter, and listening to Harry Potter audio books.

There was only one flight to Reykjavik, and it left at 9:00pm so the Iceland Air employees weren't even there until around 5:30! Finally I got my bags checked and eventually boarded the plane. Thankfully they offered your own little television and The Jungle Book was on the list of movies so of course I celebrated the victory of boarded the plane with Man Cub.

I arrived at the Keflavik Airport around 7:00am. After receiving only a couple hours of sleep on the plane, I was very much looking forward to getting a nap in at the guesthouse where I was staying. I didn't arrive to the guesthouse until around 9:30, where they had two surprises for me: 1. My room was not ready. 2. I would be staying with 5 other guys until school started. So I walked around the city, walked to the university and found where my classes will be held. And walked. And walked.

Across the pond

I went to an orientation meeting where I met my first group of international friends, who then accompanied me to an introductory meeting at the library and to a quick lunch. I then returned to my guesthouse to see if my room was ready yet. It was! I walked in and met Ramon, Martin, Alessandro, and Niels (he's from Denmark). And one other guy whose name I forget. They immediately handed me a beer so naturally we became best friends. We all walked down to the University together for the Orientation Party for international students. 

University of Iceland 

At the party, I met a couple people from my program and finally a couple of Americans! They gave me plenty of warnings and advice. It's a little overwhelming to be here. Not quite culture shock but just kind of....what the heck am I doing?!

But the city is great. I have walked around a lot and have kind of figured out how to get from place to place. I have another meeting today for the School of Humanities, a crash course in Icelandic on Friday, and a program meeting for the Viking and Old Norse students. 

I am getting more comfortable as I settle in, and the Spanish friends I have made certainly help! 

Hasta luego!

Oh, here are some more photos from my wandering:

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