Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Field Trip to Njála Country

Yesterday my classmates and I enjoyed a wonderful morning and afternoon traveling around the Icelandic countryside, looking at a few of the spots where certain scenes Njáls saga took place. We revisited Þingvellir, where most of the court scenes occurred, went south to see Njálas Saga Centre where they are making an awesome tapestry of the story from the saga, stopped in at Skálholt where the first bishopric of Iceland was created, and finally to Bergthorshvoll where they burned Njál and his family to death.

Of course, this is all historically questionable since it is a saga, but let's not go down that road in this post. It was a beautiful day, and it was extremely nice to get out of the city and into a little sunlight.

Church at Skálholt

Turf building behind the church

This is what dopes used to think the world looked like!

Quit monk-eying around!

The murder of Höskulðr

Working on the Njála tapestry

Jesus overlooking a model of Þingvellir

"Eating" in a "real" "Viking" hall! 

Torfi recites a poem, gets interrupted by his daughter calling.

That little hill in the distance is the small mountain we climbed.

He always does this.

On top of the hill where Njáls sons waited to ambush and kill Þráinn. No molars were found.

The official ice cream for stalkers.

The farm where Njál and his family were burned inside their house.
(not this house)

Me and my boy!

And just in case you needed a reminder. . . .

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